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Today's business challenges call for organizations to design and implement robust corporate performance management systems for managing growth and generating sustained stakeholder value. With organizations having multiple stakeholders who are diverse and dynamic iin terms of their expectations, it becomes very kmportant for organizations to build effective performance management frameworks and systems for guiding their businesses to meet those expectations.

Corporate Performance Management deals with the following activities:

  • Setting Corporate Performance Framework and Processes
  • Identifying Performance Measures that provides holistic view of the business performance and helps management in taking effective decisions
  • Performance Monitoring – Policy, Framework and Processes

Organizations across the world use a wide variety of performance measures and monitoring mechanisms. The Corporate Performance Management Framework in Organizations acts as radars to steer the organization in the right direction in the path to accomplishment of the Organization’s Goals. It also acts as a powerful tool to align all stakeholders of the organization towards the common goal.

In recent years, the whole field of performance management as gained tremendous importance in organizations as they operate in complex business environment that change almost on a real time basis and calls for organizations to take business decisions in a timely manner. The complexity of interrelationships among organizations and its stakeholders makes it all the more important for organizations to have a sound Performance Management System. Information Technology has only added fuel to the growing importance of this function.

OBEx helps companies to set up effective and innovative performance management framework and processes backed by technology that provide companies sharp and insightful view of its business performance and helps management in driving improved and sustained growth.

OBEx team brings to table rich experience of working with progressive companies and help you deliver measurable and sustainable performance improvement strategies supported by the key enabling competencies of program management, strategic direction, People, Organization and Technology.