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OBEx belives that business owners should spend most of their time in dealing with clients, Suppliers and employees and not on Non productive support functions.

Here are some reasons why you should let us manage your accounting function:

  • Infrastructure: We have an robust IT infrastructure to support us the function and we have a dedicated team which provides constant upgardation of the software and hardware. We have dedicate human capital which is the backbone of the organisation.

  • Data Management System: We map the details of the Data Management like Transition Plan, Work Flow and Document management System including archival of the Hard copies of the data for you’re your organisation.
  • Process: We break down all the important events of the business into process and integrate the same into data collection and execution process. We connect all this process and lay down a accounting methodology for the organisation.

  • Controls: •Our system enables clients to specify what portions of the financial information can be viewed by each user. This allows clients to limit access to sensitive information. Our workflow system tracks each transaction entered into the system so that we know when a transaction is added or changed within the system.

  • Cost Reduction: Hiring us brings about a reduction in the cost of finance functions upto 40%